Surface Pro 4: Episode 8

Latest developments in my lecturing using the Windows Surface Pro 4

The new stylus nib works fine, and this has led to a slight improvement in my handwriting.

I only had one unexpected menu appear today during the lecture, when I accidentally touched the middle of the bottom of the screen.

I have successfully found ways to protect the video port by supporting some of the weight of the video cable on the nearest suitable structure.

I am having some serious problems with my wireless connection from the Surface. I’ll have to try to resolve these next week. Otherwise I can use the resident PC to show the students what they have voted for when I ask them multiple choice questions (mobile phone voting), but it is a bit better when I can show them using the tablet.

I took a break from the tablet to show the class a cylinder and a Moebius strip today. I asked the class “Why did the chicken cross the Moebius strip?” and one of the students came up with the correct answer!


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