Surface Pro 4: Episode 12

The dock continues to work very well (so far!).

Unfortunately today the Surface lost touch with its pen again. After trying two restarts and opening various control panels related to the pen, I had to give up and use the “spare” tablet I had brought with me.

3 hours later, I woke the Surface up and it found its pen immediately.

Has anyone found a reliable way to help the Surface to find its pen again when it loses touch with it? (The pen battery level is fine.) On other tablets, when they lose touch with their pen, I have found that switching back and forth between laptop and tablet mode helps. Maybe what I should try with the Surface is attaching the keyboard and detaching it again!


2 responses to “Surface Pro 4: Episode 12

  1. I found that sometimes it helps to disconnect the pen from its battery (you do not need to actually take out the battery, just twist the end plastic part of the pen, wait for say 5 seconds, and twist it back. Make sure that the plastic part is fully pushed in the pen before you twist it back!).


  2. That looks like a good tip!
    It may also help to have a spare pen. The pens appear to be able to connect to the Surface automatically, as long as the previously connected pen is not too close to the Surface.


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