Bluebeam PDF Revu menu icon size

I have just posted the following query at

But perhaps one of my readers can help?

I am using Bluebeam PDF Revu on my tablet to teach maths. Unfortunately the only screen resolution setting I have which fits the actual screen proportions is 1280 x 800, and at this size the Bluebeam menu icons are rather small for my eyesight to cope with.
Is there any way to increase the menu icon size so that I can see what I am doing?
Joel Feinstein


One response to “Bluebeam PDF Revu menu icon size

  1. Brian from BlueBeam responded to my query with a suggestion to change some of the windows global settings. The link he provided was Windows Vista specific, but I found the corresponding settings in XP in the Display control panel, under under settings -> advanced
    There the DPI setting Large size (120 DPI) seems to help when my screen is operating at uncomfortably high resolution. I haven’t yet understood the logic of the “dpi” yet, since the dpi of my screen have not changed (still1280 x 800). It must mean something else here.
    See for the correspondence on this so far.


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