Core topics in (Nottingham) university mathematics.

Hi everyone,

Just to prove that I am not the only one at Nottingham publishing maths videos on YouTube, if you visit

You will see that there is a new Playlist there called Core topics in university mathematics. (Two videos there so far, but more will appear there shortly.)

These short videos were recorded for us by the University of Nottingham’s AV team as part of my colleague Steve Cox’s project, funded by the University of Nottingham. (This collection does include one of my own videos, called “Think of a function”, which should appear in due course.)

Professional production of short videos is a tough process! We were in the studio for several hours each, and post-production (including special effects!) for this set of videos took a very long time.

By comparison, my Camtasia recordings are relatively easy to produce. But of course my videos are in a completely different style. I could not possibly produce comparable professional quality videos for my entire modules (at about 25-30 hours of video per module).

These short videos are intended to help support some core topics where we have detected that many of our first year students would benefit from such support. But perhaps others may find them helpful too.

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